What we do

Working together


To guide companies into adoption of Agile Methodologies and Extreme Programming practices, or to overcome unexpected problems, we get into their development teams as members and advisors. Here we actively work with them hand in hand not only to develop their products, but to improve the organizations as a whole.

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Training people


We help developers to write more reliable software, in a faster way, with less stress and with better teamwork, by introducing them to the Extreme Programming practices of Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Simple Design and Refactoring through training sessions.

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Software delivery

Sofware Delivery

We build well-crafted software or modernize and improve the one that you already have to help you achieving your goals. From the design phase, to the deployment in production, we gather your requirements, help, and adapt, to create the highest quality product for you business.

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Our principles

Extreme Programming

We use Extreme Programming techniques (TDD, pair programming, simple design, refactor, continuous integration, small releases...) to ensure the high quality software, always reliable, easy to maintain and to adapt based on business requirements.

Agile Methodologies

Not only following Agile Methodologies, but helping to understand its underlying values, we guide teams to increase impact and develop sustainable, fun and motivational work environments where the daily challenges become achievable goals.

Extreme programming & Agile Methodologies